Sixth Form Council Minutes

Image by CT State Library

Image by CT State Library




Faraaz Ahmed                                   Peter Horton

Hari Patel                                             Nihal Shetty

Fergus Wills                                        Dominic Coyne

Ben Mehigan                                     Oscar Mellors

Alasdair Hunter                                 Tom Mumby

Asad Jadoon                                      Michael Costante

David Barron                                      Andrew Poole

Bhargav Srinivasan                         Luke Duffy

Jack Barratt

1.            Yearbook


This has now been done – thanks to David Blakey.


2.            Leavers’ Day


Guidance to be given by Sixth Form Management Team to Year 13.

In previous years: School, Fancy Dress Competition, Photo, Drinks and Mingle, Bouncy Castle, Football, Lunch, Assembly.

Do we want anything different? Year 13 to discuss and put suggestions to Sixth Form Team asap.


3.            Ball

The girls are arranging this and have already sold tickets.  Posters may be required.  Money has to be paid by cheque, £27 to NGHS. Sixth Form Team to contact NGHS requesting posters.


4.            Sixth Form Centre

  • TV in the Pod automatically turns off when the volume is too loud – notice to be put up in Pod
  • More clocks needed – Sixth Form Team to buy
  • Limited use of the playstations and TV’s what shall we do with them?
  • Air fresheners for the Pod requested –Sixth Form Team to buy
  • New IT complaints system seems to be working.
  • Why are we breaking so many pool cues?
  • What is happening with regards to the new sofas on the upper level of the Sixth Form Centre? Sixth Form Team looking into similar ones.
  • Request made to move the sofas back to where they originally were.  New arrangements allow for more groups to sit on the upper level of Sixth Form Centre.
  • More water coolers? This request has been made previously and it was decided that one is adequate for the Centre.
  • Cash machines – one in the Centre.
  • Can we use the lift? Sixth Form Team to put this request to SMT – it was pointed out that the lifts are there for maintenance use and disabled access primarily.
  • Rules regarding hot food were reiterated.
  • Suggestion of a table-tennis table in the Pod.
  • The Council requests another EASTER EGG HUNT and for the Sixth Form Management team to dress up as rabbits.
  • TV upstairs only shows BBC news, doesn’t always have subtitles or sound.
  • Some students said they felt the plants around the Sixth Form Centre weren’t particularly attractive; could the money spent on them be used on artwork or other facilities?

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