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Most of you will want to maximise your employability by attending a top university, asking for grades of AAB and above; the most

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competitive courses will require A*AA. Even those with lower offers will require a concerted effort to secure places.

Choose a course you want to study, then a place to study and convince them you deserve to gain a place.

Start your preparation here!

Not sure what to study yet?

Use UCAS website to investigate courses.

Become informed – read newspapers/watch news.

Read around your subjects – Economist, New Scientist, Geography Review, History Today.

Enter essay competitions.

Listen to Radio 4 (Reith Lectures, for example).

Develop communication skills – Debating Society, Politics Society, Friday Forum, Enrichment courses.

Know what you want to study?

As above, plus:

Work experience/shadowing – write to companies, use family contacts, school contacts.  Desirable for all chosen courses, VITAL for some: medical-based courses, law and vocational courses.

Possible test preparation: TSA, UKCAT – develop Thinking Skills.

Essential to read beyond the specification: refer to your department for guidance.

Are there courses to attend?

Vocational (Medsim, Lawsix), Futurewise courses

Subject extension courses e.g. Headstart, Villiers Park.

NTU and Nottingham University lecture programme, University open days – check website

Royal Societies – Lectures.

In conclusion.

Visit universities and ask questions; investigate departmental websites for details of courses, specific entry requirements.

Even if you don’t want to commit to residential courses, READ & RESEARCH about your intended subject.

WORK your hardest to get high AS grades – they will be declared in August before you apply and high grades will give you more options.

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