Sixth Form Council Minutes, 11th October 2012


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1.            Apologies

Apologies were received by Christian Cummings and Luke Dudley.


2.            Pool/Football Table

It is time to replace these tables and Council members have chosen replacements.  From now on students are to bring their own Playstation controllers.


3.            Broken Lockers

New lockers are needed outside the staffroom to replace the broken ones.

Update – reported.


4.            Clocks in the Sixth Form Centre

Two clocks have been requested – one above Mrs Robinson’s office and one in the Brasserie seating area, and possibly a further one to replace the broken one in the Pod.


5.            Food brought into the Brasserie

Cold food from Sainsbury’s for example, may be brought in to the Brasserie, but not hot food.


6.            Bag Rack in Brasserie

A solution needs to be found for the amount of bags in the Brasserie area, which are a health and safety hazard.  Some tables could possibly be moved from the first to second floor or outside of the Sixth Form Centre.  A bag rack or alternative could be used, although it was decided that this may not get used.  A decision was made to move some tables upstairs to make room.


7.            Litter/Bins

This is a re-occurring issue.  The £5 incentive could be an option.  Plastic cups are the main issue which get ripped up and left around.  Eco Schools (David Blakey) could provide recycling bins.


8.            ICT

Some machines are currently unusable. The Council have requested ICT to have a proper look at them, possibly closing it for a day to ensure it is working completely and then it needs to be monitored.

Update – Some faults have been repaired. ICT will look at all current issues over half-term. A review of the ICT facilities will be requested.


9.            East Block toilets

Seats have been removed which needs reporting.

Update – reported.


10.          Sixth Form Social

NGHS are organising a Christmas Social; we would like to have one before then.

Social Meeting needs to take place next Thursday 18th October.


Social Committee: Nick, Henry Burton, Will Disney, Matt R, Dom Coyne, Oscar Mellors, Jake Turner, Henry Ellis


11.          Earrings

Boys have spoken to Mrs Robinson and she is prepared to listen to arguments put forward.



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