Mr Sedgewick’s words of wisdom for 2012/13 UCAS applicants!


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Here are some reminders for you as you start your application for your university application.

1. Read the Guide to University Applications issued last week!  Many students really haven’t started to engage with it, which is to their detriment.

By Friday, 22nd June – Register online at .  Then, ‘Apply’, ‘Register/Log in to use Apply 2013’.  Once registered, you should complete all the sections EXCEPT the one for university choices and the personal statement.

To help you with this, refer specifically to p7 to register, p8-10 for completing other sections (refer also to the UCAS Data Capture form you completed in GEP earlier in the year, and the ‘exemplar’ application on pp22-26 of the Guide).

2. If you have not done so, meet with your tutor to discuss your application.  It is important to do this – he/she may remind you about potential content for your personal statement that you otherwise might miss, and also help you to formalise your ideas.

3. For your personal statement, review the suggestions on pp 18 – 21.  Remember that you don’t have to write every section in order.  If you are struggling to find inspiration for the opening paragraph, deal with one of the others eg wider activities, then work back from there!  Even if you have work experience, courses etc coming up in the summer, you can anticipate the sort of comments and reflection to put into the personal statement, then firm up the detail once you have undertaken them.

4. Don’t forget to do your research on the relevant university website in advance of open day visits so that you can focus on deeper questions.  Also, remember that you may need to BOOK a place on the open day, or for particular talks/department tours.

5. For work experiences and courses, make sure you pick up either a Work Experience Record Book or a Course/Lecture Record Card from CPS.

Make sure you make a determined effort to research courses/universities, and talk to CPS/WMR/Careers Advisers and your Tutor if you are struggling to commit at this stage. Don’t be an ostrich with your head in the sand: it will not go away!


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