GCE Briefing Summer 2012

1.         Release Dates. 

            Year 11:         Friday 11th May 4.00 p.m.

            Year 12:         Thursday 10th May 4.00 p.m.

            Year 13:         Tuesday 22nd May 4.00 p.m.

            Year 10:         No leave of absence granted, session before absence ONLY. Details from LG

Year 11 and 13            After your last exam you are officially free to the end of the term, but boys involved in School teams, activities, etc. will be expected to take part. Permission to be excused may be given by the relevant member of staff if informed well in advance (weeks). All text books are to be returned to school after your last exam, the venue for the return will be posted in the Examination rooms.

Year 12: Lessons resume Monday 11th June.  (Tuesday 12th = UCAS Day)

2.         Early exams (before release date). Heads of Department will indicate whether or not you are allowed any time off for oral tests, etc.

3.         The School Centre Number for all exams is 28252 – Ensure you know your Candidate No.,

4.         Dress during the exams must be Regulation School Uniform.

5.         An examination is deemed to be in progress from the time the candidates enter the room until all the scripts have  been collected. There must be no talking during this period. You face disqualification from the exam if you disregard this.

6.         Sweets (no crinkly wrappers) may be brought into the exam room, but no sandwiches

7.         Alarms and chimes on watches must be cancelled. The noise from them disturbs others.

8.         All books, bags, etc. must be left outside the exam room.  All writing and drawing equipment must be contained in a clear  plastic bag, not a pencil case.

9.         Make sure that you have read the rules and regulations for each relevant Exam Board.  

10.       Most morning exams start at 9.15 and afternoon ones at 2.00p.m., but check the timetable very carefully to make absolutely sure of the times. Bear in mind that if you are more than 30 minutes late for an exam you may not be allowed in the exam room.

11.       Make it a rule to be outside the exam room at least 10 minutes before the exam is due to start.

12.       For all Exam Boards rough work must be shown in the answer booklets. NO “rough paper”

13.       Black ink or Biro must be used for all written work. Liquid paper or erasing pens are not allowed. A BLACK BIRO is needed for Multiple Choice papers.

14.      As you come into the Hall, look for your exam number, which will be on your desk. DO NOT REMOVE OR DEFACE THIS CARD.

15.       Check that you have the correct paper for your exam  – let the invigilator know immediately if there are any doubts.

16.       In the event of illness please make sure that the School is notified immediately – stressing that you are taking a GCSE / GCE exam. Failure to do this can cause a lot of unnecessary trouble for all staff responsible for the examination.

17.       Candidates affected by illness should provide a medical certificate signed by a doctor or Health worker

18.       You must not become involved in any unfair or dishonest practice in the examination.

             You must not have on your possession any notes or books. If you do, you could be disqualified.

19.       Calculators – do not bring into the examination room any calculator cases, operating instructions or similar material. Programmable calculators may be used, but no prepared   programs.  Information and/or programs stored in the calculator’s memory must be cleared before the examination. Failure to follow these instructions may result in disqualification.

20.       You must NOT bring into the examination room, any mobile phone or other means of electronic               communication or storage device, including MP3/4 Players, ipods, mobiles. If you do not do this, you will face disqualification from that paper and subsequently that subject and possibly all your other subjects.

 21.       You are not allowed to leave before the end of the exam – this disturbs others – it makes the collection of papers difficult and it is the responsibility of each candidate to ensure that his papers are handed in correctly.

22.       Tidy up after the exam, litter bins are provided – please use them.

23.       If you have no other exams on that day please get away from school as rapidly as you can   without making undue noise, especially in the quadrangle near to the Gym – remember A Level exams will be taking place there.  Player Hall mainly GCSE’s.

24.       Private Study in School – please do not use the Library if you are waiting for a further exam. Look for a room which would normally have been used by a GCSE or A level form.

 25.       Founder’s Day:  Compulsory Attendance  Year 10/11 Saturday 16 June.  If in choir / brass ensemble go by Head of Music instructions. Remainder to be in your seats by 10.30 a.m. (choir stalls.) Dress is regulation school uniform.  Stand at the start and end of the service. Be on your best behaviour.

 26.       The Exam Results Dates: GCE is Thursday 16th August.   

No results will be given by telephone, therefore do not ring School for your results.  Neither will the school email or fax the results. Your results can be collected by someone else (letter to KCC to confirm this arrangement) who can then transmit the results to you. Results will be given from the Library but not before 9.00 a.m. After 12.00 p.m. results will be posted by mail.  Year 10 results will be posted out.

27.       Results Envelopes – results will be sent by 1st class post – the letters will be addressed to your home address – any boy who wishes to have any other address put on his envelope must see KCC as soon as possible. Exam Certificates are not available until Dec/Jan so if you change of address after the exam results you must notify the Head’s P.A. of your new address.

28.       If you wish to challenge a GCSE / GCE result you must inform KCC as soon as possible by no later than the 12th September in writing.  Remarking your papers could result in your mark, and hence grade, going up or DOWN.           

29.       Please check your printed timetable(s) very carefully, note the times of the exams and the rooms in which they are being held. If there are any serious problems see KCC or PGM.

           More information for candidates here.



KCC & PGM              Examination Officers May 2012

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